Pre-Registered Customer Login Issue

  • Q 1. I am Pre-Registered Customer And My Password is not working?

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, To improve your shopping experience we created our new website. So your old password will not work for now.

    Please use temporary password we sent you via E-mail and Login. Request Auto-Generated Password Again if you cant find the E-mail. After Logging In you can change your password as per your wish.

    Wish you a Pleasant Experience.

    Contact us at [email protected] if you have any more trouble.


  • Q 1. How Can I See The Wholesale Prices?
    Please register on our website and wait for the approval. Once your account is approved you can login and hence see the wholesale prices.
  • Q 2. I have registered on the website, still i cannot login?
    Please wait for the approval of your account it might take some time. Once we have approved your account you can login.
  • Q 3. How Long It takes to complete and order?
    We try to keep most of the things in stock. If we do not have stock we can manufacture all the products mentioned on our website. Manufacturing can take time from few days to 3 - 4 weeks. For more accurate dates please contact us at [email protected]
  • Q 4. What Payment Methods you use?
    We Prefer Paypal for amount below US$ 1000 and Bank Transfers over the amount of US$ 1000. For account details please contact us at [email protected] . If you have any preference are willing to use any other method, please contact us and we will let you know how can we help you on this.
  • Q 5. What Shipping Methods you use?
    We Ship via every possible medium. DHL, FedEx, Air Freight, Sea Freight,etc. We will choose the best rates and service for your shipments. We have discounted contract rates with the service providers so we give our customer best shipping rates. If you have any shipping preference or want to use your own shipping account let us know.
  • Q 6. How are the shipping charges calculated?
    The Shipping charges are calculated on the weight or Volume of the Shipment whichever is higher. It does not depend on the value of the shipment. To Know the Shipping charges let us know what and how much you want to buy. So we can calculate and let you know the approx. Shipping rates.
  • Q 7. Who will pay the customs duty?
    Every country's custom have there own rules and tarriff. In some countries like USA / UK most of our products are duty free. But if the customs have charged the duty the customer has to pay and we are not responsible for those charges. You an get the information on the duty charges prior by contacting the customs.
  • Q 8. What is Certificate Of Origin & How can i Get this?
    Some Countries customs ask for the certificate of origin which helps in many ways like easy clearing through customs or saving customs duty, etc depending upon the rules of your countries customs. You can ask us for the certificate before the shipment has been dispatched from our office. It takes a 1 or 2 working days to get the certificate and there is also a fee for the certificate. For more information contact us at [email protected]
  • Q 9. I want to try some new products with my order and want to order less than the MOQ ?
    MOQ' s help us to manufacture the products keeping the cost of the products as low as possibble so we can provide you best quality of goods at cheapest prices. We understand you and would like to always serve you better. Please contact us regarding that at [email protected] and we will definitely like to work on this for you. You will be happy to receive a positive reply.
  • Q 10. I want to customize some product or want to work on some new stone or design. Can you help?
    We are Manufacturers so it is possible for us to custom make some products for you. Also if you want some product that you do not see on our website. I am confident we can make it or we might already be making it. Its just we have not yet uploaded on our website.
  • Q 11. You only work on products available on your website?
    We are manufacturers and work on many products. Its just we have missed uploading on our website and we still have many more products in our office. Its Hard to cover all the products.

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